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Tenant screening is at the heart of risk management. Over one half of all rental applicants do not have low enough risk scores to meet our standards for tenancy.

All prospective tenants are thoroughly screened at no cost to the owner. We have online computer services to check credit history, bankruptcy likelihood, judgments, evictions and criminal record. Employment verification, income, savings and past tenancies are checked. Satisfactory ratios between earnings and expenses have to be met to be considered for tenancy.

The leasing agent that receives a commission for renting the home is not involved in the final decision of establishing the suitability for tenancy. Leasing agents are commissioned while property managers are salaried employees. The background check is reviewed with the owner of the property to allow their input and final decision. We will give you recommendations based on our experience and market conditions without the bias of an agent making a commission if you accept a tenant.

Rental rate and market demand analysis is constantly updated. With hundreds of homes under management, we know the market and its vicissitudes. Every time a lease comes up for renewal or goes vacant, we set the rent as high as we believe the market will support. This is done in consultation with the owner.

A full time in-house leasing staff is maintained. Our leasing department is open seven days a week. Most management companies and individual agents do not work on the weekends when nearly one third of our leases are written.

Thirty days prior to lease expiration, residents are contacted to explore renewal terms. If a lease is not renewed, then planning for re-rental begins. Our lease requires tenants to allow us to show the home during the last thirty days of tenancy. This way, many homes are re-rented before the owner incurs any vacancy.

Tenants must pay security deposits from one to one and half times the monthly rental amount before move-in. No exceptions. If tenants do not have adequate finances upon move-in, any little financial disruption in their lives could cause a payment problem.


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If I place my home in property management, how much control do I have in making management decisions?

As much or as little as you want. Take for example maintenance decisions. Most owners place $350 in a maintenance trust to be used in case of minor repairs. They don’t want to be notified every time a faucet leaks. However, if there is a more expensive repair, they do want to be contacted and involved in evaluating the bids and choosing the vendor. We will work out an understanding with you about the degree to which you want to be involved in tenant selection, maintenance and repair issues, setting rental rates, etc.

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How much do property management services cost?

The minimum management fee is $85 per month or eight percent (8%) of the rental amount, whichever is greater. In addition to the monthly management fee, an owner should expect $495 total costs per each new tenancy for advertising, lease-up referral commissions, photo tours, and move-out and move-in home inspections. Use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is optional and costs from $100 to three percent of the gross lease amount for a “success” commission that is charged only after a tenancy is executed.

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How Can I Evaluate the “Real” Cost of Property Management?

Unquestionably, the largest expenses associated with property management is a result of vacancy rate and quality of tenant performance. Only by comparing the resources and services that address these concerns will one come to an understanding of the cost that may result from choosing one property management company over another. We invite you to consider the following:

The great majority (70%) of perspective tenants now use the web to find a new home. Every management company recognizes this fact, so all have web sites to compete for market share of perspective tenants. It is also important to know that people choose “organic” search results over “paid” placement advertising. Desert Wide Properties absolutely overwhelms all other residential property management companies in ALL of the Phoenix metro cities on ALL of the search engines. Search on the primary key phrases that tenants use to locate homes for rent. (Example: “Phoenix property management”, “Gilbert homes for rent” on Yahoo, MSN, All the Web”, Google, Alta Vista, or any other search engine.) Try the same key words with any of the fifty metro city names such as Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Avondale, etc. We receive over one million hits per month so our top search engine placement gives our owners an overwhelming advantage for having their rental properties “found” by thousands of prospective tenants. That translates into less vacancy cost and a better opportunity to select a qualified tenant.

Also, we have a sizeable leasing staff that allows us to be open for business 7 days a week. We rent about twenty-five percent of our homes while our competitors are taking the weekend off.

Additionally, we have an extensive referral network with other realtors. Our web site has hundreds of inbound links from other real estate companies.


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Arizona Featured Communities



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How long will it take to rent my house?

Have questions? Please check out our frequently asked questions or contact us!


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